Report: Livo testified before grand jury

Livan Hernandez

Starting Pitcher
Washington Nationals


Livan Hernandez, who faces the Mets in Thursday's series finale, reportedly is being investigated by federal authorities for possible money laundering involving a convicted drug trafficker, according to a Puerto Rico-based report.

CSNWashington.com writes:

According to a report on Puerto Rican news site El Vocero, Hernandez is one of several celebrities being investigated and could face charges of money laundering and bank fraud. The report said Hernandez testified in relation to the Vazquez case in front of a grand jury in the summer of 2009. He spent most of that season pitching for the Mets before being signed by the Nationals on Aug. 26.

Hernandez was not released by the Mets until Aug. 20, 2009, so the grand-jury testimony may have coincided with his time with the Mets.