Mike Pelfrey: Road worrier

The Mets might want to consider a new strategy in which Mike Pelfrey does not pitch on the road against a divisional opponent.

The foe does not matter. The results are rough to look at across the board.

Mike Pelfrey
at Opposing NL East Parks

Pelfrey actually lowered his ERA at Citizens Bank Park from 9.55 to 9.38 with his four-run, 4 1/3 inning effort on Friday night. We went through the Mets history in all the current ballparks and couldn’t find a pitcher who has struggled as much as Pelfrey in as many starts (seven) in an opposing venue.

The closest examples we could find was Sid Fernandez at Wrigley Field (7.17 ERA). Among former locations we checked, the only ones in the same stratosphere as Pelfrey was Craig Swan’s 6.92 ERA at the old Veterans Stadium, the former home of the Phillies. For those curious, the Mets pitcher to fare worst at Shea Stadium was Randy Jones, who had a 6.09 ERA in 1981 and 1982.

But let’s go back to Pelfrey. Combine his performances at Citizens Bank Park, Turner Field, Sun Life Stadium, and Nationals Park and here’s what you get:

A 3-14 win-loss record (with tonight’s loss already included), a 6.78 ERA, and a .329 opponents batting average.

That’s problematic, and it’s the primary reason why Pelfrey has some of the worst overall road numbers in baseball (as we detailed earlier this season). Perhaps Sandy Alderson and Terry Collins have some sort of novel solution to address this matter.