TC: Ike hurting bad; Ike: injury short term

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Ike Davis returns to first base after a fourth-inning collision with David Wright. Davis left the game after the inning.

Terry Collins described Ike Davis as "hurting bad" after rolling his left ankle in a collision with David Wright during Tuesday's game, but the first baseman -- while wearing a protective boot -- portrayed the injury as short term.

Davis said he would take anti-inflammatory medication in the hopes of calming down the swelling, and would only seek an MRI on Wednesday if the issue did not subside. Davis even held out hope of playing in Wednesday's matinee series finale, although Collins indicated his starting lineup would have Daniel Murphy at first base, Justin Turner at third base and likely Willie Harris at second base over Chin-lung Hu.

Collins already planned to give Wright his first start off of the season, and intends to proceed with that regardless of Davis' status.

Davis and Wright said they both called for Troy Tulowitzki's fourth-inning pop-up by the mound and did not hear each other. The Mets officially called the injury a strained calf.

"It was really high, right in the middle, and me and David both had a long way to run for it," Davis said. "We both were calling at the same time, so we didn't hear each other call it. We didn't really collide that hard. I just kind of rolled my ankle or something."

Davis said he initially was unsure what he had injured.

"I didn't know what it was, because at the time there was a lot of pain everywhere," Davis said. "But it's more like the back side of my lower leg. ... I actually don't think it's going to be that long. They're going to see how I feel in the morning. If it's really bothering me, maybe an MRI. But I think there's a small chance I play tomorrow."

Said Wright: "I didn't hear him. He didn't hear me. I guess we kind of called it at the same time."