Subway Series just another series to Beltran

New York Mets right fielder Carlos Beltran is a fan of the Subway Series.

However, to he and his teammates, it is what it is: just another series.

Carlos Beltran

Carlos Beltran

#15 RF
New York Mets

2011 STATS

  • GM41
  • HR8

  • RBI24

  • R21

  • OBP.368

  • AVG.277

“It’s kind of like a playoff atmosphere. It’s nice,” Beltran said. “It’s more exciting for the fans than for us. We just gotta play baseball and do our jobs, but the fans really get the most fun out of it. You see fights everywhere. But we’re just trying to win ballgames.”

The Mets have a lot of young players that have never experienced the New York Yankees-Mets rivalry before, but Beltran isn’t giving them any advice beforehand.

“I’ll just let them figure it out themselves, like I did,” Beltran said.

“I think it’s healthy to treat it just like you would any other game,” said knuckleballer R.A. Dickey, who will start against the Bronx Bombers on Friday night.

Beltran was asked if he sees the Yankees as heavy favorites in the three-game series.

“I guess so,” Beltran said. “I think they see us as a team, we don’t have David [Wright], Ike [Davis] or [Johan] Santana. We don’t have our every day players. Maybe they see us as underdogs, but that’s fine with me.”

Beltran said he doesn’t have a favorite Subway Series moment. He’s been a part of the series since 2005, his first season with the Mets.

“I don’t think I did anything special in those series, but like I said overall it’s a great thing for sports and for the fans,” Beltran said. “For us, the adrenaline is high, but once the first pitch is thrown, everything settles down and you just try to concentrate and do the best you can to win the game.”