Bay to keep cleaning up

Jason Bay

Jason Bay

#44 LF
New York Mets

2011 STATS

  • GM27
  • HR2

  • RBI8

  • R13

  • OBP.313

  • AVG.227

Terry Collins, who recently floated moving slumping Jason Bay to the No. 2 hole, has resolved to leave Bay in the cleanup spot for the time being.

"I've thought about it and thought about it," Collins said. "If we really want to analyze it, he's here to drive in runs. And when you put him at second, all of a sudden he tries to become a second hitter, which means he's going to start taking some pitches so that the guy ahead of him can run. If [the leadoff hitter] is on second base, as we all know, Jason Bay is a pull hitter. Now we're going to ask him to go against his strengths and hit the ball the other way. I'm just not sure how it all fits correctly. So I've been really hesitant.

"He and I have talked about it. He told me yesterday -- we had a long conversation yesterday -- and he said, 'Look, I'll hit wherever you want me to hit.'"

What about going the other direction -- to No. 5 or No. 6 or lower? That has to wait until David Wright and/or Ike Davis return.

"Yeah, we've got to have him where he is," Collins said. "The minute he breaks out, I want him in that spot to drive in runs."