Carters have positive outcome to lean on

Gary Carter, who begins radiation treatments Tuesday for brain cancer, has a family friend who demonstrates the malicious disease can be eradicated. Carter's daughter, Kimmy Bloemers, writes in an online journal:

Thirteen months ago, my mom's best friend Cindy was diagnosed with a Grade 4 Glioblastoma. We were saddened by the news and we prayed for her everyday. Who would have thought that months later, we would be praying for my dad for the exact same thing?!? Cindy is a fighter, looks great and is cancer free. She is doing wonderful. She came over to mom and dad's house last night to talk to dad about the expectations of the upcoming treatments. She was so encouraging to dad and shared how it is essential to stay positive! Cindy is an inspiration and we were thankful she took the time to talk to dad.

Carter met with the doctors who will administer the radiation on Friday in Florida and began taking intravenous doses of the drug Avastin.

A kind nurse greeted us and started with some questions and answers. It is always nice when people care and take the time to be detailed. We then met a new doctor who explained the process on getting fitted for his radiation mask. Mom and I were bummed when they told us we couldn't be with him. Ever since dad was young, he has been claustrophobic so we knew that we needed to pray hard that dad would feel calm during this procedure. With the combination of some meds and prayers, dad came back relaxed. Praise God!