Hale has no regrets about holding Pagan

Third base coach Chip Hale did not second guess himself for holding Angel Pagan at third base on Lucas Duda’s two-out double to right field in the eighth inning. Pagan, the potential tying run, was stranded at third base when Jose Veras recovered to strike out Ronny Paulino looking. The Pirates ultimately won, 3-2.

“He just wasn’t going to make it,” Hale said about Pagan. “It wasn’t going to be close. Even though there’s two outs, there’s got to be a chance. And there was no chance for me there. Is it ’cause the ballpark’s smaller? Yeah. It’s a small park. Right down the line it’s real short. They were playing no doubles. So the guy’s catching it already.”

Said Pagan, who had reached first base on a walk, prompting Veras’ insertion: “I was going for it. I wanted to score from there. But the right-field wall is so short in this park I was just hoping for a bad hop off the fence so that it goes somewhere else and I’d have a better opportunity. But I saw the stop sign at third base so I stopped there.”

Terry Collins offered no qualms, either.

“I’ve got a good third-base coach,” Collins said. “I’m not going to critique him. He’s as good as there is in this league. There’s no question in my mind. I’m sure he got a good read on that play. We’ve still got a good hitter up. Ronny had been swinging very, very good. As a matter of fact, he’s the one guy who [previously had] faced Veras.”