Blanco rejoins Mets, seeks help for mom

Henry Blanco returned to the Mets on Saturday, after spending five days in Venezuela with his ailing mother.

Blanco, whose mother experienced headaches for 10 days, as well as stomach and colon trouble for which the cause has not yet been determined, plans to bring her to the United States to get medical tests -- either in Miami, or with the Mets doctors in New York. GM Omar Minaya offered the services of the team's physicians.

"You've got to do everything for your mom," Blanco said. "I know it's going to be better. I'm here just to work."

While it was of secondary importance, Blanco said he did not do anything physically during his absence from the team.

"Not really. I was running in the car everywhere," Blanco said. "But I don't feel that bad. I think I'll be OK."