Pagan on being OK after trip: 'Thank god'

Angel Pagan suffered a bruise on his side and a little strawberry after being tripped up by Braves first baseman Freddie Freeman during the eighth inning of Thursday’s 9-8 loss to Atlanta, but says “it’s nothing bad.” Pagan will be batting fifth and play center field on Friday night against the Angels.

“I saw the replay in my house this morning and it was pretty bad,” Pagan said, “but thank god I’m ready to go tonight.

“When I hit the ground, it hurt a lot but I just needed a little time to shake it off and keep playing. It just felt like somebody pinched me real hard on my side. And I saw the replay and when I hit the ground, I hit it pretty hard. It’s something that never happened to me before, and I just needed a little time, but thank god it was nothing bad.”