Mets will shop K-Rod, Izzy, Byrdak, Beltran

Terry Collins made reference to the Mets facing seven straight All-Star pitchers beginning Thursday. If, after that stretch, the Mets have started to fade from the periphery of the wild-card race, it's quite clear they will be dealing players.

The most marketable piece would be Jason Isringhausen, despite his durability issues at age 38. Isringhausen's low salary and postseason closing experience would make him marketable in a relief role for contenders. Tim Byrdak, 37 and on a one-year deal, should be attractive as well because quality left-handed relievers always are a commodity.

The trickiest person to trade would be Francisco Rodriguez, even if the Mets will be most eager to move him. With 55 games finished, K-Rod's 2012 option kicks in at $17.5 million. Otherwise, the Mets owe him a $3.5 million buyout in addition to his $11.5 million salary for this season. K-Rod is currently on pace for 61 games finished, six over the threshold for that contract option to vest.

On the position player side, the Mets would look to move Carlos Beltran, who is in the final year of his deal and unlikely to be re-signed. Beltran, like K-Rod, will very likely be able to be traded after July 31 because each should clear waivers given the large salaries involved.