K-Rod chats with Boras

Closer Francisco Rodriguez met before and after Thursday's game at Dodger Stadium with agent Scott Boras, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Since this is K-Rod's final contract with the Mets in all likelihood, switching agents from Paul Kinzer to Boras -- or anyone else -- would have minimal impact if it materialized. The only potential exception would be a swift switch before the July 31 trade deadline, when a new agent might have a different stance on the Mets attempting to trade the closer to one of the 10 teams on his no-trade list.

Kinzer negotiated the three-year deal with a vesting option for K-Rod with the Mets that could be worth $51 million over four years assuming the closer finishes 55 games this season.

Agents are free to woo the clients of other agents as long as contacts are disclosed.

“I’ve talked to 10 or 15 of the Mets when they’re out here, and a lot of them I don’t represent,” Boras told the Journal. “I wouldn’t read anything into those things.”

Said Kinzer to the Journal: “It’s a sad part of the business. I’m not out trying to take everybody else’s players. I sign new players, but when I do, usually my players bring them to me. I don’t attack them whenever they come into L.A.”