Boras: No set-up for Frankie

Scott Boras confirmed he is now representing Francisco Rodriguez, replacing Paul Kinzer.

Because there is little chance Rodriguez will sign another contract with the Mets, the only impact for the organization would be whether it affects the Mets' ability to trade K-Rod.

Rodriguez has an undisclosed 10-team no-trade list -- it was submitted once and not updated, a team official once said.

Boras indicated Tuesday that K-Rod would not be inclined to be a set-up man for the final months of this season. So, essentially, if K-Rod can block a deal, he would to a club not intending to have him close.

“This man is built to be a closer,” Boras said.

The interesting twist has little to do with the Mets.

If K-Rod's $17.5 million vesting option kicks in at 55 games finished -- he's currently at 34, on pace for 61 -- the bonus should belong to his former agent.

But if K-Rod falls short, or a new contract overrides the current one, that commission may belong to Boras. A high-profile agent not affiliated with this affair speculated there would be a grievance by Kinzer if a new deal somehow overrode the vesting option and prevented Kinzer from collecting the commission on the vesting option year.