Ike 'not throwing towel in' yet

While Ike Davis expressed pessimism about a 2011 return, he is still trying to work back in case his ankle manages to rapidly heal. Davis ran on a regular and a submerged treadmill Tuesday at Citi Field. He said he experienced no pain, but that could be Thursday's cortisone shot masking any trouble.

"It felt good today. It really did," Davis said. "But, then again, I tried the last couple of weeks. It feels great. And then it hurts. So it's like a back-and-forth game. Like today, could I play? Could I run? It felt good. But tomorrow, do I get to sit out every three games? I don't think that's fair. So we've got to get it right."

Davis added: "I'm not throwing the towel in. I'm going to do everything I can to get healthy. And if I don't, I can't really do anything. My body is just not right. I'm working hard and I want to get back on the field."