Blame Phillies for Bay's injury

Jason Bay said he hurt his entire right side, hamstring to hip, when his back leg tripped over Phillies first baseman Ryan Howard’s foot on Saturday while crossing first base. The issue prompted him to be removed in the fourth inning from Wednesday’s game against the St. Louis Cardinals.

Jason Bay

Jason Bay

#44 LF
New York Mets

2011 STATS

  • GM71
  • HR6

  • RBI29

  • R34

  • OBP.319

  • AVG.232

Terry Collins suggested he probably would hold Bay out of Thursday’s matinee series finale, although Bay minimized the issue.

Bay said Howard apologized immediately after the play for unintentionally tripping him. At that point Bay looked down and observed the size of Howard’s feet.

“I looked down and his foot was the entire width of the base,” Bay said.

As for the how the hamstring has felt since that contact, Bay added: “It hasn’t been bad. It’s just been there, and it’s something I’ve kind of been fighting. Terry was aware of it yesterday. And then today I kind of felt that it was OK if I was jogging. I hit that groundball to short. My first couple of steps I could feel it. And then I kind of slowed down a little bit. It was something that was preventing me from really going.

“And then there was a ball down the line (in left field). My first couple of steps, again, your first instinct is to go real quick. I feel it immediately -- not bad, but enough that I’m a little concerned if I keep going at that pace, something bad might happen. So I kind of backed off.”