Mets plan on being careful with heat

With temperatures expected to potentially reach triple digits in Queens on Thursday afternoon, Terry Collins is going to keep a careful eye on all of his players -- specifically Jose Reyes.

"I'm gonna watch the shortstop very closely (Thursday), because I don't need him to come up lame," Collins said of Reyes.

Collins noted during his pregame press conference that heat can be a factor in increasing the risk of pulled muscles.

"Our trainers do a great job to make sure (our players are) hydrated," Collins said. "We have all sorts of liquids on the bench, and I'm sure we'll have ammonia towels and everything else ready to go (Thursday), but (Thursday) and the next three days in Florida it's gonna be screaming hot."

Collins said he never realized it, but the Mets dugout is air conditioned, which should make life a lot easier on his players between innings.

He plans on giving Reyes, who is coming off a hamstring injury, a day off over the weekend in Miami during the Marlins' series.