Pagan felt dizzy, dehydrated

Angel Pagan said he felt like he might pass out in the field if he did not depart Sunday’s game in Miami in the fifth inning with what the team announced as dehydration.

Angel Pagan

Angel Pagan

#16 CF
New York Mets

2011 STATS

  • GM71
  • HR4

  • RBI33

  • R37

  • OBP.306

  • AVG.232

“After my first at-bat, I was in the outfield, and I felt like I wanted to sit down in the outfield,” Pagan said. “I just felt like my body was getting heavier -- very heavy. I just had to tell the trainer about it, because I wasn’t feeling that well. …

“It was pretty hot there. I just feel like I was getting dehydrated and I needed to come out of the game, because I wasn’t feeling that good. I was feeling a little bit dizzy. I felt like I didn’t have enough liquids in me. I didn’t want to maybe pass out on the field. So I told (trainer) Ray Ramirez I don’t feel that well today. He came to Terry (Collins) to tell him and they took me out.”

Pagan was doing better after the game. He did not require intravenous fluids.

“Right now I feel much better,” Pagan said. “The doctor came and he was testing me out. I just told him I just feel very dehydrated, so I’m just going to keep drinking liquids. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be fine.”