Mets take loss with bases loaded

Not that it was Adam Wainwright to Carlos Beltran, but ...

Drew Storen

Drew Storen

#22 RP
Washington Nationals

2011 STATS

  • GM49
  • W5

  • L2

  • BB13

  • K43

  • ERA2.63

The Mets loaded the bases with two out in the ninth inning against Nats closer Drew Storen, but pinch-hitter Willie Harris took a called third strike on a 1-2 slider to end the game as the Mets lost, 3-0.

“Everybody knows that guy’s filthy,” said Harris, a former teammate.

Harris said the Nats knew to throw him a slider in that spot rather than a fastball. He thought the final offering might have been low, but was not complaining afterward.

“You don’t want to strike out in that situation, obviously,” Harris said. “Sometimes guys get you on good pitches. And that’s what happened. … I looked at the pitch. It was a pitcher’s pitch. It could have been arguably low. But it could have been arguably there. I’m not complaining about the call the umpire made. I’m not complaining about that. Like I said, you don’t want to strike out in that spot. He got me.”