Parnell, Mets chopped for loss

Bobby Parnell said he was helpless to field Ian Desmond’s game-winning infield single, which the Nat chopped over the reliever’s head as Rick Ankiel scored the winning run in the bottom of the ninth.

Bobby Parnell

Bobby Parnell

#39 RP
New York Mets

2011 STATS

  • GM32
  • W3

  • L3

  • BB13

  • K39

  • ERA3.86

“I feel like I made a good pitch to him and got a groundball,” Parnell said. “Unfortunately it was that high. I couldn’t get to it. It was just in no man’s land. It’s just the game of baseball. What can you do?”

Parnell thought he had struck out Desmond with the preceding pitch, but the slider did appear slightly off the plate, and ump C.B. Bucknor ruled it a ball.

“I thought it was a good pitch, but that’s not for me to say,” Parnell said.

Ankiel had advanced to third on a wild pitch earlier in Desmond’s at-bat.

Parnell had twisted his left ankle during the preceding at-bat and required a trainer’s visit on the mound before the Desmond plate appearance, but indicated that was a non-issue.

“As time has gone on, it’s loosened up a little bit, so it should be all right,” Parnell said.