Zeile's son on tour with STP

When Todd Zeile was a Met in 2000 and 2001, his son, Garrett, sat next to his dad and Robin Ventura in the Mets clubhouse, strumming on a guitar.

He's since moved onto bigger stages.

Garrett Zeile, 17, is part of a three-man rock band named Jetstream. They are currently on tour with Stone Temple Pilots. They have been playing together for four years.

They opened for STP -- a grunge rock band at its most popular in the 1990s, for those who don't know -- in Atlantic City on Saturday night so Zeile, who played on the Mets' Subway Series team in 2000, brought his son to Citi Field on Sunday.

Todd has been to a few shows and said Garrett is a natural on the stage.

"I get to go from ball player to producer to roadie dad," said Zeile, a career .265 hitter who finished with 2,004hits, 253 homers and 1110 RBI.

Zeile has also kept busy in his post-baseball life.

"Some of you might have seen that my google presence went up because of a guy named Charlie Sheen over the last few months," he said with a laugh on Sunday.

Zeile, who has been buddies with Sheen since his playing days, is currently working on helping to produce Sheen's new television show -- Anger Management -- which should air in December.

For the record, Zeile says he is not partying Sheen-style with the Hollywood wild child. He calls himself Sheen's "alter-ego."

If you are interested, you can find Garrett Zeile's band on Facebook and Twitter.