Zeile 'surprised' MLB still has hat issue

Todd Zeile weighed in on Sunday night about the MLB ban on wearing the first-responder hats, and expressed satisfaction David Wright and a handful of teammates at least wore them in the dugout.

“I find it ironic 10 years later and they still can't get it passed for one day of tribute," said Zeile, who attended the Citi Field ceremony. "I guess they feel it's a slippery slope or something. I saw David still wearing it in the dugout paying homage. … The hats meant more than what they said on the top. I was wearing one from a kid that had lost his dad. And some of the other hats that we were wearing were hats that we traded with some rescue workers while we were down at Ground Zero. It wasn’t like they came out of a hat box. We felt that was the best way to align ourselves with those guys that were working 24/7 while we were still out trying to play baseball. I don’t think anybody expected it would have the kind of reaction, but the fact that MLB wanted to stop us, and then we decided to do it anyway, I think made it even more significant to the members of the city.”