Stark: Mets won't wait for Reyes

ESPN's Jayson Stark says the buzz is that the Mets will not wait for Jose Reyes to deliberate among offers this offseason. Writes Stark:

The buzz coming out of Flushing is that the Mets have very little interest in waiting around this winter for Jose Reyes to decide whether to stay or bolt. One source who's tight with the Mets brass tells Rumblings they're "either going to be in or out real quick."

The Mets' baseball people haven't met yet to lay out their offseason game plan. But if Reyes' preference is to test the market, collect offers and then ask the Mets to counter, there are indications that the Mets don't want to play by that script. And Reyes' lackluster second half (.277/.316/.378, with only six stolen-base ATTEMPTS) only figures to reinforce their reluctance to do anything crazy right out of the chute to keep him from exploring the market.

Read Stark's full column here.