Byrdak officially on board for 2012

Sandy Alderson said after the Mets' rubber-game victory Sunday in Atlanta that Tim Byrdak officially is signed for 2012. The contract was returned from Byrdak's agent during the game, according to the GM.

"Going into last offseason we really didn't have lefties that we felt we could count on," Alderson said. "This year going into the offseason we'll have two -- Tim and Danny Herrera. So that's a positive step forward for us. So we're very pleased he's coming back.

"It's not typical for us to extend players late in the season like this, but he wanted to come back and we were happy to reach an agreement with him. It worked out very well, and he indicated a very strong desire to come back. He's done a very good job for us."

Said Byrdak: "We had approached them about it to see if they were possibly interested. I'm very happy with the team here and stuff like that and wanted to come back. We talked to them about it and they thought about it and offered us something to come back that made sense, so here we are."

Security was important to Byrdak.

"You're talking about last year, the day before Thanksgiving, I got the call from (Astros GM) Ed Wade in Houston telling me I didn't have a job," he said. "To be able to go into the offseason knowing where you're going for spring training, knowing the guys you're going to be with ... you don't have to worry about learning a whole new city. I'm familiar with New York and where I'm going to live. At my age it's kind of a comfort to know you don't have to worry about learning new things."