Beato says he's tired, not injured

Pedro Beato, who allowed the decisive three-run homer to David Freese in the seventh inning in his first action in six days, said he is worn down by pitching 20 months straight including winter ball last offseason in the Dominican Republic. The rookie right-hander insisted that is the cause of a dip in velocity from his early season 95 mph to his current 89 mph or so.

"I'm just tired," Beato said. "It's been a long season. I've been going about two years straight pitching and stuff. This is the first time I've done it, and it's caught up to me thus far. I'm just trying to finish it out, not throw in the towel early. It's just overall. It's nothing that requires any treatment or anything. I've been throwing a baseball for 20 months now. It's a long time."

Beato, a Rule 5 pick, officially will become Mets property next week when he completes the season. He was required to stay at the major league level this season or the Mets needed to offer him back to the Baltimore Orioles. The Mets will not face a similar restriction next season and would have the right to option Beato to Triple-A Buffalo at the end of spring training next year, or in-season, if they choose.

"We've rested him. We've tried all sorts of things," Terry Collins said. "You know, my issue with Pedro -- he's had a wonderful year for a rookie, he had tremendous first half -- but he's gotten away from what he does well, and that's throw the ball hard. He's in the mode where he's trying to make pitches and trying to sink it. His ball had plenty of movement when he threw 95 mph. He's just another guy if he's 89 mph. He's just another sinkerballer. That's an issue with me. I've talked to Pedro about it. He says his arm doesn't hurt. That's why we wanted to give him some extra days' rest, to see if he could bounce back."