Mets morning briefing 9.22.11

Pedro Beato surrendered a three-run homer to David Freese that scored a pair of inherited runners and the St. Louis Cardinals rallied for a 6-5 win Wednesday to pull within a game and a half of the Atlanta Braves in the wild-card race. The Mets suffered defeat No. 82, clinching a third straight losing season.

Thursday's news reports:

David Wright continues to take the high road while allowing that Citi Field, pre-modifications, is not exactly suited to his strengths as a hitter. Read a transcript of Wright's quotes in the Star-Ledger.

Sandy Alderson elaborated on upcoming stadium changes, noting a new left-field wall will not be moved in a uniform amount and be parallel to the existing wall, since that would make it too easy to hit homers down the line. Instead, it should move in a few feet down the line and a more significant amount in left-center. It's unresolved whether a row or two of stands, a grassy knoll or something else will be erected between the new and existing wall, since the old wall is structural. The "Mo Zone" in right field likely will be moved in -- easy since that's temporary fencing anyway. And the right-center gap where it's 415 feet will be eased, particularly aiding Wright.

One assertion is the revised dimensions will not be a detriment to the pitchers, in part because it will force them to be sharper and attentive as opposed to allowing the ballpark dimensions to create a safety net for carelessness.

Read more on upcoming alterations in Newsday, the Daily News, Times, Post and Star-Ledger.

Lucas Duda left Wednesday's game with dizziness, but believes he avoided a concussion.

• Beato's second-half swoon concerns Terry Collins, but the reliever maintains he's just tired after pitching for 20 months straight and not injured.

BIRTHDAYS: Wally Backman, who joined the Mets on Tuesday in St. Louis as an extra coach after managing Double-A Binghamton, turns 52. ... Chris Schwinden, who was deprived of his first major league win when the bullpen could not hold a one-run lead on Wednesday night, is 25. ... Vince Coleman turns 50.