More Darryl: Citi, Gary Carter, Duda

You can read all about Darryl Strawberry's thoughts on whether Jose Reyes should stay or leave the Mets in this article here. Of course, Strawberry talked about more than Just Reyes. Here are some other topics that he broached in his interview.

CITI FIELD DIMENSIONS: With possible changes coming to Citi Field's dimensions for next season, Strawberry said it all revolves around how a team is trying to build its roster. He joked that moving walls in wouldn't have mattered with him, as he said he would have hit them out anyway.

"I never looked to the point of dimensions or thought about things like that. All I thought about was the pitcher, who I'm facing and the ball coming in," Strawberry said. "Maybe they need to restructure some things for the dimensions of it and the type of team they're building for line drive hitters and you can drive in a lot of runs that way too. Base running team, they want to build around speed maybe, and this type of ballpark and the players they have, maybe that's what they have to do."

GARY CARTER: Strawberry had encouraging words for his former teammate who is battling brain cancer.

"It’s tough. It’s tough what Carter’s going through. It’s a real struggle for him. He’s fighting. He’s fighting for his life. And he knows it," Strawberry said. "You see a guy like Gary, he’s always been in the middle of battles and winning and was apart of what we were all about. Now he’s in the biggest battle of his life. We just continue to pray for him. Our thoughts are with him and his family at this time. hopefully there’s a miracle. Sometimes you need a miracle. Ive had a miracle, I've had a few miracles. I’m just hoping and wishing Gary has his miracle come true."

NOT RETURNING: Strawberry said he will not be coming back to coach in baseball.

25 YEARS?: Yes, Strawberry said it feels like it's been 25 years since he won a World Series title with the Mets.

"Yeah, when you look back over 25 years, and you look at that team that was walking through that clubhouse, what an amazing team," Strawberry said. "I reminisce about it all the time. I know a lot of people hate to hear about it. But we believed in winning. And we’re very proud of it."

LUCAS DUDA: Strawberry said he sees potential in the outfielder/first baseman.

"He just needs to fine-tune some things," Strawberry said. "I think he's got a chance to be a good young power hitter. He's got a good chance. He just needs to learn to be more consistent."