Report: Brewers after Reyes; Braves out?

With the Brewers feeling helpless in their attempt to re-sign Prince Fielder, they are now turning their attention to Jose Reyes, according to SI.com's Jon Heyman. Early on, the Marlins and Brewers have emerged as the most aggressive suitors.

Meanwhile, on MLB Network Radio on Sirius/XM, Braves GM Frank Wren said Atlanta is not pursuing Reyes or Jimmy Rollins. Wren said the Braves don't want a shortstop on a multi-year deal.

Peter Greenberg and the rest of Reyes' agents are trying to be as hush-hush as possible as they deal with highly pressurized negotiations.

The agents are aware that Scott Boras tried to steal Reyes on the eve of his $100-plus million payday. This has probably put even more pressure on the agents to maximize Reyes' earning potential

Greenberg and his fellow agents have already passed one test. A competing agent predicted that the Mets would set the market with an offer and then Reyes would leave for only a few million more. That has not happened.

In fact, Greenberg & Co. smartly did not engage the Mets, who reportedly wanted the agents to tell the team what it would take to get it done. There would be no reason for Greenberg to set the market on his client without starting a bidding war.