Marlins president Samson talks Reyes

Marlins president Dave Samson spoke about the team's interest in Jose Reyes on MLB Network radio Wednesday. Here are his comments, according to the Palm Beach Post.

“We have been pretty organized. We knew this ballpark was coming… This hasn’t snuck up on us. We have known who the free agent class was going to be… We have been planning for this day, really, you can argue, for seven years, in how long it took us to get the building. But for the last two or three years we have been looking forward to his moment right now.

“There are no secrets. The organization as a whole, under the leadership of (owner) Jeffrey Loria, we were very clear with what we wanted to do and what holes we wanted to fill to compliment the existing young core we have.

“We are starting to meet with players and make offers that we think make sense to fit within the context of the entire team, we are putting together…

“Now we have more resources so they payroll is going up but with that comes the danger: you could spend a lot of money and win fewer games and we have seen a lot of teams do that, too.”

The full transcript of Samson's comments can be found here.