Hofstra to host Mets forum

Hofstra University will host a celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Mets from April 26-28. The symposium is being organized in memory of late Hofstra professor Dana Brand, a devout Mets fan.

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Writes Greg Prince, who is contributing to the organization of the conference:

The aim of this conference is to treat the New York Mets as the cultural institution they have become across 50 endlessly Amazin’ years. Implicit in this framing is recognizing the importance of those who have made the Mets a surpassing presence in so many lives: the fans. Us, in other words. That’s what inspired Dana as much as anything, and that’s the force that will guide this conference into becoming a singular milestone commemoration. Professionals, academics and other interested parties will play a significant role in all of this, but it’s the Mets fan who is at the heart of everything Metsian. That includes the conference.