Willlll-mer!!!! Going in the wrong direction

Seriously, we would like to share good news. If you find some send it our way.

Anyway, ESPN Insider and Baseball Prosepctus guru, Kevin Goldstein has listed his Top 10 prospect flops for 2011 and guess what? A Met shows up on the list.

The good news is that Wilmer Flores is only 20. The bad news is Goldstein says he can't play shortstop and may not ever be an everyday major league player. Here is what Goldstein wrote:

Flores has long been seen as one of the Mets' top prospects, but that's mostly been because of his age and level.

In 2011, he proved to still be more potential than reality and nobody thinks he can stay at shortstop long-term, putting even more pressure on the bat.

"Sure he was good in the Sally League at 17, but he hasn't done much since," said one evaluator. "The tools don't even profile for a corner, which is where people will think he'll end up."

Actually, it is not all bad. The Phillies' Dominic Brown is on the list, too.