Q: How do you feel about David Wright?

David Wright arrived in New York in 2004 and he instantly seemed like the Mets' version of Derek Jeter.

He did the right things on the field, said the right things off the field. Like Jeter with the Yankees, Wright even grew up a Mets' fan.It was the perfect comparison.

In fact, Wright was even more personal than the polite, but aloof Jeter.

History is always ultimately written by the winners so since the Mets have fallen short so Wright as the Mets' Jeter doesn't seem as appropriate these days because of the larger context.

This, in my opinion, has less to do with Wright and more to do with the Mets' franchise overall.

Wright has been as classy a New York athlete that I have ever covered. Even last year, when Fred Wilpon said Wright is "not a superstar," Wright ran circles around the owner in how he responded by taking the air out of what could have been a controversy.

If you consider Wright less than a superstar, it is my opinion, this probably has more to do with the Mets than Wright. They are the ones that have sapped his power with walls that were just far enough to impact his mind and his home run numbers. They were the ones that didn't deliver enough talent around him.

Listen, I think Jeter is an all-time great and if you watch him all the time all the extra stuff his teammates, managers and coaches say about him are apparent, but Jeter is not Jeter if he were a Pirate. Would he have been a Hall of Famer? Probably, because he likely still would have had 3,000 hits. But he would not be looked upon the same way.

So part of Jeter's success has been when he became a Yankee.

Wright, to me, could still be the Mets' Jeter, but he needs a little more luck. To me, the franchise has to act more like a superstar than the player.

Questions of the day: How do you feel about David Wright? Do you want the Mets to keep him or trade him? Have you been satisfied with his career so far?