Mets staffer bleeds Giants blue

Jay Horwitz has been working for the Mets for more than 30 years.

But his relationship with another New York sports franchise dates back much further.

Horwitz, the Mets' VP of communications, has been attending Giants home games since the late 1950s. He's been to all five of the team's Super Bowl appearances and will be at Lucas Oil Stadium this evening to watch what he hopes is their fourth title.

"I don't golf, I don't travel that much," Horwitz said earlier this week, "this has been my passion."

Horwitz has followed the Giants from Yankee Stadium to the Yale Bowl to both versions of the Meadowlands. In other words, he's a lifer.

He says he started going to games in the late 1950s and purchased season tickets in 1962, which means he's been through both the lean years and the championship seasons.

Horwitz insists that he never boos the Giants (perhaps adhering to his PR principles) but it must have been tough to stay positive on Nov. 19, 1978 -- the date of the original Miracle at the Meadowlands (or as Giants fans refer to it, "The Fumble).

Horwitz says he broke his wrist, his binoculars and his radio after Herm Edwards -- then a Philadelphia Eagles defensive back -- scooped up a botched handoff by Joe Pisarcik and ran it into the end zone to give the Eagles an improbable win. Horwitz says it was easily his toughest day as a fan.

But he was also there for the Giants' first Super Bowl win in 1987, their second in 1991, their loss to the Ravens in 2001 and their win over the Patriots in 2008.

"I've got a good streak going," Horwitz said.

That streak nearly died this week.

Horwitz fractured his ankle in September and was forced to spend six weeks in a rehab facility. He missed the entire Giants regular season but was well enough to attend their win over Atlanta in the first round of the playoffs.

Because he's worked for the Mets since 1980, Horwitz is die-hard by definition. So there was no way he was going to miss seeing his Giants in the Super Bowl.

In a sense, the trip has helped show Horwitz that he's healthy again.

"It proves that I'm back to normal," he said.

The only thing that would make it sweeter for Horwitz, of course, is a Giants win.

"They're 3-1 with me there, hopefully they'll be 4-1," Horwitz said.