Reyes arrives in Marlins camp

Jose Reyes arrived at Miami Marlins camp Thursday. Here are some quotes, via Marlins beat writer Joe Frisaro.

“The same energy I had in New York, that’s the same energy I’m going to bring here,” Reyes said. “I’m the kind of guy who has a lot energy and a lot of passion for the game. I enjoy the game as much as I can. That’s something I’m going to bring here.”

On playing for manager Ozzie Guillen, Reyes said: “It’s exciting for me to play for Ozzie. He's a guy who has a lot of passion for the game. He enjoys the game too. He’s a baseball player. That’s good too. He’s not afraid to talk. That’s good. When somebody does something wrong, he will let you know. That’s good. I don’t have any problems with that. We’re going to get along very well.”

And as for displacing Hanley Ramirez at shortstop, Reyes said: "When me and Hanley talk, we don’t talk about that situation. We talk about other stuff. We don’t talk that. I know he’s happy. I saw him in the Dominican. I saw him last week. We’ve been talking most of the time. We’re good. We don’t have any problems. This is the first time I’m going to play with different guys. Hanley is moving to third base. Anything I can do for him, I’ll do.”