Wright attitude: Slow, steady 'baby steps'

David Wright continues to take deliberate steps back from an abdominal muscle tear. Wright said he is not imminently going to face live pitching, despite starting to hit underhand slips and off a tee Sunday.

Terry Collins said he hoped to have Wright in Grapefruit League games by the weekend, and no later than early next week.

"It's progressing, which is a good thing," Wright said. "Now what they're trying to keep me from doing is go from 0 to 100. You take the couple of weeks off that I have, your body is not used to all the torque and throwing and just the grind of it. You just can't go out there 100 percent now because then something else will go. It's like baby steps. You start off, we took dry swings. I hit off a tee lightly. I'm just progressing, trying to a little more each day, whether it's the reps or whatever. At some point hopefully we'll hopefully be taking some sort of batting practice, and then just try to ramp up the intensity each day."

David Wright

David Wright

#5 3B
New York Mets

2011 STATS

  • GM102
  • HR14

  • RBI61

  • R60

  • OBP.345

  • AVG.254

The injury occurred during an infield drill even before Grapefruit League games began. He received a cortisone shot eight days ago.

"It hurt," Wright said. "And then I did the workouts for about another five days and it got better. And then I told those guys it plateaued. It just wasn't getting completely better. So I went in the training room and told them. And that's when they were like, 'Let's see how it feels in a couple of days.' And then I went and got the MRI after that, because it just stayed the same. And that's when we saw it was a little torn."

Wright said he is unconcerned about getting enough at-bats to be sharp on Opening Day, April 5 against the Braves.

"What was crazy, when I got hurt last year [with the back], when I was rehabbing, I played in like six games," Wright said. "And then I felt great. And that was after not doing anything for two months. I'm hoping this is kind of the same, with better results. The good thing is I can get at-bats with the minor league guys if I need more at-bats. I can go get 10 at-bats in an hour if I want to on the minor league side. So that's not a big deal. It's more just trying to prepare my body every day to play. I go from doing nothing for two weeks to, basically, I have to slowly build up.

"And then, even if I'm not necessarily playing nine innings every day, I've got to prepare my body to play. I have to go out there get groundballs, take batting practice, prepare my body. It sounds stupid, but there's a soreness that goes along with going out there and getting in the 'ready' position for a hundred-and-some times a game. No matter what you do, you can't simulate that. That's just as much part of it as the actual at-bats. And I haven't seen a ball live off the bat yet defensively."

Said Collins: "I'm hoping that he could get a couple of at-bats this weekend. If not, I know it will be early next week. We're talking about 10 days to get him tuned up. That's about the least amount of time that you'd want to get somebody ready, I can tell you. Hopefully by early next week he'll be in the lineup somewhere."