Podcast: R.A. Dickey

In addition to chatting with fans, R.A. Dickey appeared as a guest on ESPN's Baseball Today podcast with Mark Simon and Eric Karabell.

Among the topics: Whether Dickey would start swinging for home runs now that the fences at Citi Field have been moved in considerably.

"I know my limitations, one of which is power," Dickey said with a laugh. "I know what I can do, and what I can't, so I try to stick with that. If you see a lot of singles to right field, you'll know I'm in a pretty good place. I think that the more times that I can turn the lineup over, the better off we're going to eventually be.

"So I do try to take it personal when I go to the plate. It's not just an automatic out. I really wanna make the pitcher work and keep him from striking me out. If I can just put the ball in play over the course of a year, some of those balls are going to find holes."

Dickey knows of what he speaks. He was 1-for-2 in Saturday's win over the Braves.

Other highlights from the interview include describing the process of writing his autobiography, Wherever I Wind Up, who is the most interesting Met to carry on a conversation with, and what he's currently reading.

Check it out here.