FanSpeak: Mets better than Yanks?

Just when you thought you know the answers about New York baseball, they change the questions! The Mets started fast and the Yankees started slow. What's going on?

From Mets on brink of matching club-best start:

"Mets 4-0. Yup the Mayans were right. 12-21-2012 is inevitable!!!"

- gregnicegoose

Ed.'s note -- World on the brink? No, it’s only four games. Plus, the Mayans didn't care much about baseball. They had their own ball game -- a little like soccer but much more exciting.

From Jeter still sets tone for Yankees:

"Gee, so the Yankees aren't going to go 0-162, huh? I guess we can all relax now."

- LIExile

Ed.'s note -- Relax? Not while the Yankees are under 500!

From Martin yelled at Andino because ...:

"I respect players who stick up for their teams. But let's put our big-boy pants on and get real here... stealing signs is part of the game and always has been."

- mnearguy

Ed.'s note -- Stealing signs is part of the game, trash talking is part of the game and so is getting fired up. That's baseball!

From Rapid Reaction: Mets 4, Nats 3:

"mets spent their off season money on the bullpen...bullpen in baseball is like special teams in football...not a sexy unit , often overlooked, but a strong special teams/bullpen will net you plenty of wins and keep you in the game."

- jaxton01

Ed.'s note -- Appreciate the analogy but the bullpen is even bigger than special teams.

From Mets marketing: Are freebies selling out?:

"Know who else gives out freebies?

"Drug dealers. To get you feeling good about a thing that is absolutely bad for your health. Kind of like believing in the Mets."

- BirishB

Ed.'s note -- After calling a few rehabilitation centers, we have not found any suitable detox for Mets fans.

From Facebook:

"How about cranky Yankee fans just worry about their own 1-3 team at this point. Let Mets fans be happy with their start. If it was the other way around you'd be making fun of the Mets for starting 1-3 and gloating that the Yankees are 4-0."

- Brad Reiter

Ed.'s note -- Yankee fans: lay off the Mets fans! They have had it rough and they should enjoy this good start.

"Most Mets fans are saying the Mets will win it all. The NL east standings will be completely different a week from today with the Marlins and Phillies being the top two teams."

- Andrew Temoltzi

Ed.'s note -- What Mets fans are you talking with, Andrew? Has anybody else been hearing from these people?

What are the Mets' and Yankees' records going to be at the end of the season? Make your predictions in the comments section below. (Hey, at least you know we're paying attention.)