Sandy on Wright comment: No deviation

Asked by ESPNNewYork.com to expand on his Sunday night television comment in which he said about David Wright, "I, honestly, at this point cannot foresee David playing elsewhere," Sandy Alderson said the statement spoke for itself. The GM added that it was not a deviation from previous language he had used.

David Wright

David Wright

#5 3B
New York Mets

2012 STATS

  • GM11
  • HR2

  • RBI8

  • R5

  • OBP.510

  • AVG.439

"I'll let it stand for what it was," Alderson said.

But there is a confidence level he's going to remain a Met long term now?

"I don't think anything I said last night is a deviation or expansion on what I've said before," Alderson said.

Still, "cannot foresee David playing elsewhere" has strong implications. Does that mean the GM has always felt that way?

"Yeah. I'll let those comments stand on their own."

Contracts are often based on comparables. Jon Niese signed a five-year, $25.5 million deal with two teams options shortly after the Texas Rangers signed fellow left-hander Derek Holland to a five-year, $28.5 million deal with two team options at an identical point in Holland's career.

So would Washington Nationals third baseman Ryan Zimmerman agreeing to a six-year, $100 million extension during spring training on top of the combined $26 million he was due to earn between this season and 2013 be the baseline comp for a Wright deal?

"I wouldn't comment on any aspect of any potential negotiation," Alderson said. "There are comps in some cases. There's a lack of comps in others."

Wright, who turns 30 in December, is second in the National League in batting average at .439 despite playing with a fractured right pinkie.

Regardless, Alderson echoed Wright's statement of a few days earlier that there have been no contract discussions ongoing at this point. The Mets have a $16 million team option on Wright for 2013, with a $1 million buyout.

Alderson on WNBC on Sunday night said regarding Wright's status: "We've said, look, let's play out at least part of this season and see where we are. But I, honestly, at this point cannot foresee David playing elsewhere."