Santana psyched for World Cup

Mets ace Johan Santana was supposed to pitch Wednesday night at Citi Field -- until the rain got in the way.

But, Santana did get the opportunity to talk about one of his other favorite endeavors, besides baseball: soccer -- more specifically, the World Cup.

"I'm gonna watch a lot of soccer," Santana said of his plans for the next month.

The Mets have a pool going for the World Cup, which starts on Friday -- each player has adopted a team for the duration of the tournament, and has a miniature version of that country's flag attached to a shelf in his locker.

What does the winner of the pool get?

"It's a secret," Santana said, with a mischievous grin.

Santana got Italy -- the champion of the last World Cup, in 2006 -- and said he was pleased about that. He said he would also be pulling for the Latin-American teams, since that's where he is from.

"Unfortunately Venezuela didn't make it," said Santana of his home country.

Santana said he grew up playing soccer, as well as baseball, in Venezuela, and that he still loves the sport.

"I don't know how good I could be right now [though]," Santana said.