Stark: Foes expect Wright departure

On his ESPN.com blog, Jayson Stark writes that other teams fully expect David Wright to be in the free-agent market after the 2013 season, forcing the Mets to deal him beforehand.

Writes Stark:

If Wright hits the free-agent market after 2013, at age 31, the only other third basemen out there will be Michael Young (at age 37), Martin Prado (just a year younger than Wright) and Mark Reynolds. Puts him in a pretty good bargaining position. Wouldn't you say? "It's pretty simple," said one longtime baseball insider. "There are almost no [star-caliber] third basemen in the game. And there will be none in the marketplace." So the bottom line is this: Other clubs would be shocked if the Mets can get Wright signed before he reaches free agency. Which means they'll have almost no choice but to actively explore trading him this winter.

My gut remains that there's a strong likelihood Wright remains a lifelong Met, even if it does reach that free-agency period. I believe the Mets will be forced to pony up; otherwise, they might as well relocate the franchise from New York.