MLB GM: Omar's power is diminished

Here is the thing you need to know when you call into the talk shows: It is not all Omar Minaya's fault.

Omar may be the face of the organization. He may be the one fired by June. But Omar is not the one making all the decisions. He is just set up to take the blame for all the decisions.

This is the Wilpons' gameplan. An MLB GM told me recently that, from his dealings, Omar's power has been greatly diminished. Omar just can't pull the trigger on moves.

Throughout the winter, others have reported similar things.

This is a key point as the Mets start their season because although Omar used the term "autonomy" about a million times when he first returned as a hero to run the Mets. Now he is about as autonomous as a Siamese twin.

Before Omar walked the plank, Jim Duquette -- I know, I know, he was the GM when the Kazmir trade was made -- was the scapegoat. They gave Duquette a smaller payroll and then blamed him when the team was no good.

Now, it will be Omar being blamed unless you, the fans, see the setup. The Wilpons are right when they say they spend a lot of money. They do. The fact that they haven't spent it that wisely, of course, largely, falls on Omar.

But when Omar goes into meetings with other GMs without power, there is only so much he can do. Omar is making millions so there should be no pity for him, but just understand where the blame should really go if the Mets start slowly. The Wilpons run this organization.