FanSpeak: Subway Series

The best part of New York interleague play? New York vs. New York, Yankees vs. Mets, Johan vs. Jeter, as debated in bars across the Big Apple, will be settled this weekend.

Fans from around the area have weighed in.

From our Hot Button poll: Which N.Y. fans have it best?:

"As of right now, the Mets are overachieving and the Yankees are underachieving. Mets have earned what they have right now. Try cutting down the payrole and starting a bunch of minor leaguers and see where you sit."

- go mets746

Ed.'s note -- The question of what a team has earned is tricky. A team earns where they are by how they play on the field not on how much money the team has.

"I'd take a handful of memorable wins over a mountain of "oh they won again" moments. Don't get me wrong I have respect for the Yankees' greatness but I am happy being a Sox fan. and just for laughs: Go Mets!"

- Soxwin91

Ed.'s note -- Huh? You would rather win less often? Isn't a win memorable regardless of how many times they have done it before?

From Facebook:

"Its always good to be a yankees fan but right now the mets fans should enjoy it while it lasts"

- Christopher Nolan

Ed.'s note -- It's much better being a Mets fan now than it was last season.

"It's still great to be a Yankee fan. At the end of August when they are still in the hunt there will be some excitement about the team going into the stretch. Can you say the same thing about the Mets this year? That will remain to be seen. But you have to be excited about the way that they have played so far."

- Andrew Lestingi

Ed.'s note -- It’s always great when your team is winning.

From Inside the Matchups: Yanks vs. Mets:

"Mets have amazing starting pitching talent imo. I'd like to see them flex their muscles in these games. We'll probably lose these games but it's always good to have some cross-town rivalry, I'd say we take the first game with Johan on our side then lose the next two."

Ed.'s note -- We have one prediction, what's yours? Tell us in the comments. Hey, at least you know we’re paying attention.