Dickey use could increase after Aug. 1

ATLANTA -- Terry Collins said using R.A. Dickey on short rest right now is not a consideration. But, Collins noted, there is serious thought to having Dickey regularly go on short rest beginning Aug. 1 if the Mets remain in contention.

The aversion now, Collins explained, is that the manager believes it will have a harmful effect on other starting pitchers, because it will disrupt their schedules.

R.A. Dickey

R.A. Dickey

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New York Mets

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  • GM17
  • W12

  • L1

  • BB26

  • K123

  • ERA2.40

"When you're talking about him working on three days' [rest], once again, I know it sounds easy," Collins said. "When you start messing with the other three guys involved, or four guys involved in the rotation, they have schedules they want to stay on, too. And now they're disrupted. You know, one day they get four days [off]. The next time, 'Oh geez, I've got six the next time, because we've got a day off. Plus, R.A. is coming back early.' It throws the entire rotation in disarray.

"We're not just going to start doing it right here and say he's going to pitch every fourth day, because I think you're not going to like the results of the other guys if that's the case."

Collins added, though, that Johan Santana and Chris Young may need extra rest on occasion next month anyway, so the plan makes sense for August to have Dickey work more frequently.

Still, the Mets hope to use a four-man rotation until next Saturday, assuming Young is up for working on regular rest. Collins confirmed his preference is to have Young come back Wednesday in Washington, and wait to use the starter filling in for Dillon Gee until next Saturday against the Dodgers.

The likelihood is Miguel Batista ultimately gets that start against Los Angeles at Citi Field. Collins called Matt Harvey taking that spot only a "remote" possibility. Still, Harvey is scheduled to pitch Monday for Triple-A Buffalo, which would leave him on the proper rest for that start -- or, at least, put him on that schedule for consideration the following turn.

Batista is 1-1 with a 4.00 ERA in four starts this season, which actually is better than Gee's 4.10 ERA. Collins said Batista would be available in the bullpen through the weekend.