TC: Wednesday incident in past

PHOENIX -- Terry Collins said the Wednesday incident that stemmed from a disagreement between Tim Byrdak and Josh Thole over pitch selection is over and done with.

Byrdak twice shook off Thole, who kept calling for a fastball, because the call came from the bench. Byrdak eventually threw the fastball -- over the heart of the plate, no less -- and Adam LaRoche deposited it over the outfield wall for a homer.

“It ended yesterday. It was over yesterday,” Collins said. “I think a lot of it is human nature, the stuff that takes place. … Tim Byrdak has done nothing but take the baseball every day we’ve ever asked him to pitch. His frustrations got the best of him yesterday. We certainly dealt with it. The appropriate things have been said between everybody. And we’re going to move on.

“We addressed it. Look, you want to come in and throw a tantrum in my office, kick stuff, throw stuff around, fight, whatever you want to do, it’s got to be done in here. It can’t be done out there. There are too many of you [media] guys. There are too many TV cameras. There are too many people with their heads in the dugout. It can’t happen out there. And everybody knows better.”

Collins said blowups aren’t a regular occurrence, but they need to be done out of sight. The exception, the manager said, was something like David Wright jawing with his manager on the bench to stay in the early season game against Milwaukee to be the one to receive the retaliation after D.J. Carrasco plunked Ryan Braun.

“Not a lot, but it happens,” Collins said. “You look at the David Wright situation when I took him out of the game. That was instantaneous frustration on David Wright. He wasn’t mad at me. He was mad at the situation, because he knows he’s got to go take one for the club. That can’t be settled anyplace but the dugout, because [the decision] had to be made right then. But those things are all part of the game. This game has got to be played with some emotion. It does show you people care.”

Collins said the public blowups will not continue, though.

“It can’t go on. And it will not go on. Or we’ll find other people,” the manager said. “Because part of this game is learning how to deal with the adversity. And part of the adversity is losing 11 out of 12. How are you going to get out of it? Throwing equipment and battling your teammates doesn’t get you out of stuff like this.”

As for how often pitches are called from the bench, such as the one that precipitated the Byrdak-Thole incident, Collins said it’s actually seldom the case.

“The only time they get them from us is when we really feel there’s a pitch we want to see thrown to perhaps set up the next pitch,” Collins said. “And so we don’t call very many. It’s not done very often. A lot of times it’s just an aid, too.”