GM: Wheeler, Harvey have innings limits

SAN FRANCISCO -- General manager Sandy Alderson estimated Zack Wheeler likely will be capped at about 150 innings, while Matt Harvey can go 165 or 170 innings this season in the majors.

That means Wheeler is "unlikely" to appear in the majors this season, Alderson said. Wheeler's season should end after an estimated Aug. 30 start with Buffalo. Harvey, meanwhile, may make it no further than mid-September in the Mets rotation before being shut down.

Wheeler, who is scheduled to make his Triple-A debut Sunday against Syracuse, is currently sitting at 116 innings -- leaving him only about 34 to go. Harvey is at 121 1/3 innings between the majors and minors, leaving him less than 50 innings remaining.

"We probably don't want him to go much past 150 this year," Alderson said about Wheeler. "So if you look at what he has left -- I think he's got 115 or 116 innings right now -- he's probably got enough left to get him through August in Buffalo. But I'm not sure there are going to be any innings left at the end of August. So I think it's unlikely we'll see him.

"Matt Harvey is in a similar situation. He threw, I think, 135 innings last year. We're looking at 165, 170 for him. I'm not saying that's the magic number -- just in terms of where we should end up at the end of the season, far short of 200. That may get him through the middle of September. It may get him through a little bit longer than that. But we certainly have to keep an eye on that."