Valdespin complimented by Phillips

CINCINNATI -- Reds Gold Glove winner Brandon Phillips paid Mets rookie outfield Jordany Valdespin and in-game compliment in the ninth inning of New York’s 3-0 loss Tuesday night.

Phillips had led off the bottom of the ninth of a scoreless game with a walk against Mets reliever Manny Acosta. When Ryan Ludwick followed with a single to left, Phillips had his eyes set on going to third base. He picked up speed as he approached second base, took a hard turn but then had to abruptly throw on the brakes and retreat as Valdespin got to the ball and got it back into the infield.

Phillips pointed out to Valdespin, clapped repeatedly and shouted “Good play” to the outfield.

Jay Bruce followed with a game-winning three-run home run but the play wasn’t lost on Phillips.

“He got to the ball better than I expected. I like going first-to-third and was going to do that,” said Phillips. “For him to cut the ball off like that it was very impressive. I had to give him a thumbs-up. I had to clap and tell him good job. When a guy does something positive like that all you can do is give him a nod, tell him 'great job.'

“If someone steals a hit from me, instead of getting mad I give them props.”

Valdespin appreciated the gesture from Phillips.

“I saw him looking at third base so I got the ball and cut him off,” said Valdespin. “He told me 'great cut' and was smiling.”