Mets mum of Chipper recognition

VIDEO: Chipper Jones (above) spoke on the eve of the season about his relationship with Mets fans and his respect for the rivalry.

All-time Mets killer Chipper Jones makes his final appearance as a player in Queens this weekend, and the Mets so far are being tight-lipped as far as what recognition they will provide -- not even the day for any ceremony.

Jones, whose son Shea recently celebrated his eighth birthday (yes, named after the ballpark), spoke with New York reporters earlier this year about what he would expect as far as a gift from the Mets upon his final visit.

"It might be a recording of all my plate appearances where they announced my name and the chorus of boos rained down," Jones quipped. "I don't know. Like I said, I'm not expecting anything, but anything would be appreciated."

Jones has been a classy rival over the years. He still keeps shell casings he found in the outfield at the Shea Stadium after the 21-gun salute during the first game back in New York after Sept. 11.

Other teams have honored Jones with a gift at a pregame ceremony and video upon his final visit to their cities. Among the offerings:

Boston: Number from hand-operated Fenway Park scoreboard

Chicago: Wrigley Field flag

Cincinnati: Game-used base with "Celebrating the career of No. 10 Chipper Jones" written on the side

Houston: Cowboy hat presented by Craig Biggio

San Diego: Surfboard presented by Trevor Hoffman

St. Louis: Autographed Stan Musial jersey

Yankees: Game-used third base in glass, presented by Derek Jeter and Andruw Jones.

So what to give Chipper?

David Wright suggests some uncontroversial Tom Seaver wine.

One thing is for certain: He does not need chairs from Shea Stadium. He already bought a pair (retail $869) like other fans when the old stadium was being dismantled.