TC 'running out of ideas' to solve 'O' woes

The Mets failed to exceed three runs at home for the 10th straight game Sunday -- within one game of matching the franchise record. And Terry Collins again suggested he has no real solution at his disposal other than patience.


The Mets are 4-18 at Citi Field since the All-Star break:

"We're running out of ideas. I mean, we really are," Collins said after the Braves beat the Mets, 3-2 in 10 innings, to complete a sweep at Citi Field. "It's about grinding it out right now. It's about going in there and having some confidence in your ability and having some confidence in what you trust and try to put the barrel on the baseball.

"There's no gimmicks that you can really use at this level. These guys are talented -- very, very talented players. Gifted athletes. Once in a while you have to let them play. You have to let their abilities take over."

The Mets are 4-18 at Citi Field since the All-Star break.

"We've researched it. We're going to try something new tomorrow," Collins said about the lack of production at home. "But, believe me, we have wrung the rag dry trying to find some answers why we don't hit the ball in this park."

The one major difference on the road is teams hit closer to the game's first pitch.

Asked to elaborate on Monday's impending change, Collins was cryptic.

"We're going to change some pregame-preparation stuff -- see if that works," the manager said. "You'll see it. We're going to try a different approach tomorrow and see if that works."