Olney: The Mets' David Wright dilemma

Buster Blog: David Wright Dilemma (2:44)

Buster Olney blogs about David Wright's uncertain future with the Mets. (2:44)

Buster opens today's video blog with this: "The Mets are not expected to be very active in this offseason, as they wait for their young pitching to manifest itself -- as they wait for young prospects like Matt Harvey and Zack Wheeler to establish themselves in the big leagues and help the Mets return themselves to contenders and help to get fans back to Citi Field. This is why this offseason will be completely dominated for the Mets by the question of what happens with David Wright after 2013 -- maybe even before that."

Money quote: "From the Mets' perspective, if he does not choose to sign a long-term deal, if they can't work out a contract beyond 2013, they'll be left with the choice of should they trade him in the offseason, or should they trade him in the middle of 2013 if they're not in contention?"

There's a lot more insight in the video above. Give it a listen, and weigh in with your take in the comments section.