McHugh or Hefner on Wednesday?

MILWAUKEE -- Terry Collins has two possibilities to start Wednesday against Cole Hamels and the Philadelphia Phillies. One is Collin McHugh, the other is Jeremy Hefner. McHugh (0-2, 4.02 ERA) has made four appearances, including three starts. Hefner (2-6, 4.99 ERA) has 10 starts in 23 games.

“He’s going to make another start,” Collins said of McHugh. “We’ve got some dates coming up where we need some starting pitching. There’s three. McHugh is going to be one of them. Hefner’s going to go back and make a start, at least one if not more.”

Collins said that he was not ready to name Jeurys Familia the starter of Wednesday’s game. “We’re kind of lukewarm,” Collins said, but not because Familia couldn’t start. “We kind of like what we’re seeing out of the bullpen. The two options for Wednesday would be McHugh and Hefner.”