Dickey on future, surgery, lineage

Here are a handful of quotes from R.A. Dickey on a conference call with reporters after winning the Cy Young.

On remaining a Met versus being traded:

NL Cy Young voting

Here's the voting breakdown for the award. There were 32 voters. A first-place vote is worth seven points, followed by four points for second place, three points for third place, two points for fourth and one point for fifth.

"I feel good about being a Met. I do. And that might be my just kind of youthful optimism, because I also understand as a veteran and someone who has played for a while that it's part of the business of baseball. But I'm fairly confident. I can't put a percentage on it -- like one out of 100. But I can certainly say that I believe the Mets are going to be a lot better and I want to be part of the solution. And hopefully we're be able to work something out where I can stay here. And I wouldn't mind finishing my career here. I want to be loyal to an organization that has given me a real opportunity. That being said, you never want to be taken advantage of, either. I've been on that side of the coin as well as a player. So hopefully we're going to be able to reach some mutually beneficial agreement. I'm hopeful for that. I'm just not sure I can put a number on the percentage."

On his abdominal surgery last month and pitching through the injury throughout the season.

"The training staff -- Ray Ramirez, Brian Chicklo -- those guys really helped me managed it, whether it was the pain or the symptoms. And it was never anything that I felt like was going to cost me a start or something that I felt like I couldn't keep going from. Now, that being said, the last start of the year, against the Marlins, I did something more significant to it about the fourth inning of that game. And miraculously I was able to last from the third start or the second start of the year against the Phillies to that particular start to where something really kind of tore off there.

"It was exactly what they thought it was and they were able to correct it and I'm feeling great now."

On the lineage of knuckleballers that preceded him.

"We live in a culture now that's got a very progressive mentality, which is fantastic, as far as the association of the knuckleball goes. And that's a compliment to the vision and the imagination of the writers who voted. They didn't see the knuckleball as a trick pitch. They didn't see it as some kind of illegitimate weapon that you can use that isn't worthy. They saw it as a legitimate weapon. It has one purpose, and that's to get big-league hitters out consistently. ... It brings a real degree of legitimacy to the knuckleball fraternity. I'm glad to represent them, and I'm certainly grateful for all of those guys."