Stewart jabs Mets during Dickey visit

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- R.A. Dickey's appearance on Tuesday night's "The Daily Show" had a comical beginning. Host Jon Stewart, a devout Mets fan, began by telling Dickey:

"What a pleasure to have you on the show. Congratulations. The Cy Young Award. New York obviously embraces you. This tremendous story. I guess my question is: How will the New York Mets screw this up?"

"Golly," Dickey answered. "I'm hoping to be here, man. I love it here."

"That would be very nice," Stewart continued. "We would enjoy that. I am a longtime Mets fan. And it does create a dilemma. Because when a player such as yourself comes along and has such grand success, there is in the back of your mind a feeling of like, 'No, no, dude. Keep your head down. Don't win the Cy Young. Because if you do, they will sell you on the open market.' You want you to be good, but not so great."

"Well, I've been thankful I didn't have that thought," Dickey replied. "I was going for it the whole time. But Sandy Alderson has got a job to do. He's paid to make the Mets better. I've got to try to be as professional as I can, understand that."

Said Stewart: "There must be tremendous pressure, though, to have your name being written about as someone who may have to move. You've got a family. You've got a life. Is that a difficult thing?"

"It's hard," Dickey said. "Baseball in general is so dysfunctional as a lifestyle. You're playing 162 games in 183 days, and not to mention spring training is another 40 days. So the thought of taking your family to Toronto or L.A., that takes a lot of thought power."